Supporting your child so they get the best out of their tuition is not back breaking work for even the most busiest of parents. Here at 2KickStartU we want to make sure your child excels and our tuition programmes are designed so that parents can support their child. We do this in a variety of ways:


Homework is given weekly as it strengthens the learning done during each session. It is also a useful way for tutors at 2KickStartU to monitor whether your child has understood the lessons undertaken in class. Encouraging your child to do their homework is extremely beneficial to their learning journey.

At 2KickStartU we encourage 100% attendance to get the best out of our tuition programme. Every lesson plan pushes your child one step further to realising their potential, so it is extremely important to encourage your child to attend consistently. 

Our reports help you be a part of your child’s journey by giving you transparent information about your child’s progress so you can encourage your child in areas where further support are required and celebrate their success when they achieve a higher attainment. 

Celebrating and acknowledging a student’s success is very important to mark their hard work. We do this in many ways. 

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