Chose 2KickStartU because, we know one size does not fit all! We also believe that every child can learn, and every child should have the opportunity to flourish!

Our experience has shown us that it is often not a question of ability but rather a matter of teaching in a way that works for the individual.

Students often fall behind because:

  • The pace of learning does not suit their needs – if the pace is too fast students do not have time to assimilate information.
  • Concepts are not presented in a manner the student can understand – students understand and process information differently and we adjust our methods to suit individual needs.
  • oLearning is pitched at a level that is too high and does not address knowledge gaps – we ensure underpinning knowledge is understood before introducing a topic

When children fall behind academically, something dreadful happens; they feel inadequate and they are often labelled as such. At 2KickStartU we delight in working with students that are not achieving their full potential. We enjoy building rapport with students as we guide them from their starting position to reaching the national ‘expected level’ and beyond! We work hard with every student to ensure we understand and meet their needs, because nothing compares to the feeling you get as a tutor, when you igniting a student’s passion for learning, see their self confidence grow and they start to believe in themselves!

At 2KickStartU we celebrate the breath-taking diversity of human talent and its extraordinary potential for growth and development, when given the right conditions under which to flourish. Let us make learning practicable and enjoyable for your child!