It was only a short while ago that I met Barbara, but I was instantly drawn to her story and her vision. Perhaps it is that I am a mother of two that gave me enough reason to want to find out more, or maybe it was simply that it made sense.

Barbara spent the best part of a decade working in Alternative Education supporting others to achieve their fullest potential by being a mentor, inspiring young minds and insisting without giving up that they themselves make the choices that will paint their future. It wasn’t always a pretty experience, or an easy one, but nevertheless, Barbara’s -efforts to educate, empower, and grow aspirations was making a difference. So, to widen the net, Barbara founded 2KickStartU.

“I want to make a difference” she said. “I want students to see, feel and believe, that they have the opportunity in front of them, and all they have to do is reach out and grab it. I want parents, carers, families to be in the know about their children’s education, so they can be the champions that kids’ need”.

She clearly felt very passionate that every child deserves an education, and that every parent needs to realise the role they play in this, but that wasn’t all. Education in the UK is compulsory, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that children are learning. This isn’t written with the intention of pointing fingers of blame, it is just stating the facts that sometimes, in some situations, children need a bit of extra help and to be shown a different perspective and technique in order to understand what they are being taught and required to apply. “We are all different” she said. “So how can we expect to all learn the same way”?

Barbara went on to explain that whilst some methodologies work well for certain students, others need personalised learning methods that appeal to their innate abilities. It’s not just about showing a child where they are getting lost during the learning process and rectifying it – it’s about growing them emotionally, so that they are confident enough to tackle issues as they arise, and realise that there’s no one way of reaching the same target.

By launching 2KickStartU, Barbara and her tutors will provide Math and English tuition to students from Year 3 up to and including GCSE. 2KickStartU will individualise teaching and learning by having systems in place that engage students, their curiosity, their individuality and their creativity therefore keeping student needs at the forefront. So as the doors for 2KickStartU open today, and as the website goes live, I can honestly say that something truly amazing is happening for our most valuable natural resource – our children.

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