SATs are a key milestone in your child’s academic career. Your child’s results will show you and the school how much of what they have been taught your child has grasped, how they compare to the national average, and highlight areas where they might need additional support.

So you see, they are more than a handy metric for compiling school league tables, as they will also be used to determine sets and learning goals going forward.

9th May 2016 kicks off the SATs for all children in Year 2 and Year 6, which means 2KickStartU’s SATs preparation courses commence on the 22nd February 2016, leaving 11 weeks to prepare children to do the best they can and learn essential skills to cope in testing situations.

What affect will the SATs have on your child’s future academic performance?

How your child approaches their SATs and how they experience the tests could shape the way they feel about sitting exams in the future. So making sure your child is well prepared and approaches the SATs feeling confident they can do their best will stand them in good stead for all the exams they’ll have to sit over the coming years.

While most schools will do some preparation for these tests in the classroom, obviously children who have extra support will have an advantage – both in confidence and results.

There are also obvious time limitations on the teachers at school, and it’s very difficult for them to give each child the individual attention they need to help them achieve their true potential – that’s why we are here and can help.

2KickStartU’s SATs preparation course will ensure your child is fully prepared for their Year 2 or Year 6 SATs, including topic-focussed worksheets, practice test papers and study-skills booklets packed with revision techniques and top tips.

How will your child benefit from the course?

Your child will benefit in many ways from the course:

  • any gaps of knowledge will be addressed. If there is a topic that your child hasn’t fully grasped, this will be their chance to pick up on it and get extra support. By targeting the specific areas that your child will be tested on, the revision course will help them achieve a higher score and make them feel great about their own ability.
  • Your child will become familiar with the kinds of questions they will be asked and nothing will come as a shock to them.
  • Your child will understand how to approach the tests so having to complete an official SATs paper within a time limit won’t be daunting. Some children find the process of sitting their SATs tests quite stressful. Whilst the teacher will try to make SATs week as relaxed as possible, the whole experience of being formally tested is new for children and some of them will feel the pressure. We help prepare them for this with techniques to help them conquer their nerves.

How exactly does the SATs revision course work?

To start your child will be given an initial assessment which determines the areas where further support is required which will be outlined for you in an official report debrief. From there learning programme is created which integrates revision techniques and tips for handling test situations. The length of your child’s course will depend on the number of areas that require support and will be advised to you at your report debrief.

With one weekly session lasting 1 hour and 20 min (£15.00 per session) problem areas specific to your child will be addressed. This is combined with revision of the other areas of the curriculum also.

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