Whilst on programme, your child will follow their own personalised learning plan based on the results of their last assessment. Assessments help us to thoroughly understand your child’s requirements.

As your child progresses, they will be reassessed periodically, and their learning plan adjusted accordingly to meet their changing need.

Your input, as a parent, is always welcome, especially at the end of the session when your tutor will discuss how your child has done, give homework, and brief you on the next steps.

Our teaching method guarantees greater confidence and motivation for your child, as we teach them in wat ha help them grasps concepts and use that knowledge independently to demonstrate competence.

We provide

  • positive learning environment children learn best in a positive physical, emotional, and social environment
  • Total learner involvement children learn best when they are totally and actively involved and take full responsibility for their own learning.
  • Collaboration among learners (where practicable) children generally learn best in an environment of collaboration.
  • Variety that appeals to all learning styles children learn best when they have a rich variety of learning options that allows them to use all their senses and exercise their preferred learning style.
  • Contextual learning children learn best in context. Facts and skills learned in isolation are hard to absorb and quick to evaporate.