I used to love dressing up as a kid. Any excuse was good enough for me, and whilst in my eyes it was so much fun as I adored having the chance to don a costume, I never saw it through my parent’s eyes in their already busy schedule. With World Book Day upon us this week, we need to remember that we are helping our children to enjoy this fun day whilst they get the opportunity to take a more detailed look at their favourite book characters. To help you here are some costume ideas where you won’t even have to get your sewing kit out.


Have your child wear a blue dress, white socks and traditional T-bar shoes and your half way there! Get some yellow wool and make two very long plaits with a hair clip in the centre to clip onto your child’s own hair – you can use a blue ribbon in the centre to cover the clip. Some rosy cheeks and drawn on freckles and you’re set.

Little Red Riding Hood

Cut a large semicircle of red fabric and fasten it over your child’s head by tying the end like a bandana and secure it on either side with bobby pins. Have your child wear a plain dress (red if possible), high socks and traditional shoes. Complete the look by arranging a basket with a few apples for them to carry. If you do have an old red knee length skirt (preferably A-Line), cut it straight down the middle to make a cape.

Harry Potter

Have your child wear very smart school uniform and circular glasses, and draw a lightning scar on their forehead using face paint or make-up. Give them additional props if you like such as a black robe or cape, a wand, a Gryffindor-colour scarf or a toy owl.

Where’s Wally

Have your child wear normal trousers and red and white striped shirt. Get/make some circular glasses, and top it off with a red and white bobble hat. Use a plain white top and hat if you can’t find one that has red stripes and paint them on with fabric paint – better yet, get them to do it with you.

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