With just over 11 weeks to go until GCSE Exams, the drop-in clinic will be a place where students can get as and when they want.

2KickStartU’s GCSE drop-in clinic is now open to students getting ready to take their GCSE exams – which means any student struggling with a particular point of the syllabus can get help without committing to full-time tuition.

“We wanted to create a way of reaching out to students who may be stuck on a specific area of the syllabus and looking for help. Sometimes students have trouble understanding one particular area of a topic and for these students full-time tuition doesn’t seem necessary.  Our drop-in clinic will provide students the flexibility to come by and ask us questions that they need help with, instead of having to enroll into a more traditional weekly tuition services, “comments Barbara Matanda, Education Advocate and Founder of 2KickStartU.

Specialising in GCSE English or maths, 2KickStartU’s tutors will work with students to understand the area they require help with and devise a plan to tackle the issue free of charge. The number of sessions to help the student overcome the issue can range from a single session or require additional sessions, but this is agreed with the fee payer upfront. Prices per session are £15.

Operating from Mitcham Library, 2KickStartU is excited to be involved in the process of helping young minds reach their full potential and wish every student good luck over the next 11 weeks studying for their exams.

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