What every parent should know about Barbara Matanda

It was only a short while ago that I met Barbara, but I was instantly drawn to her story and her vision. Perhaps it is that I am a mother of two that gave me enough reason to want to find out more, or maybe

8 Questions to ask at your parent teacher meeting

Parent teacher meetings are taking place this week, and we’ve put together 8 questions to ask your teacher. Which activities most engage my child in her learning? Understanding the things that your child is motivated by and helps to understand what they are passionate about,

What you need to know about your child and GCSEs

One of the key differences when moving to secondary school is the real need for revision when building up to GCSEs. It is incredibly important to stay in the know about your child’s study plan, subjects, and the choices they are going to be faced with, so

How to have a meaningful parent teacher meeting

As half term holiday approaches, most parents will be researching exciting activities to do during the week. But before we get ahead of ourselves, there is one important event which will occur this week – the parent teacher meeting. As a parent myself, I have

16 ways to help your child develop study skills

As your child moves toward the end of primary school, learning how to study, complete homework projects and revision techniques is essential with SATs and secondary school looming around the corner. In the latter stages of primary school, you will most likely see a shift

Key Stage 2 SATs changes explained

Following the changes to the curriculum, we have put together a short video which aims to give you granular detail regarding the Key Stage 2 tests that pupils in year 6 will take in May this year. It might be a year or two in

The best SATs preparation advice for parents

SATs are a key milestone in your child’s academic career. Your child’s results will show you and the school how much of what they have been taught your child has grasped, how they compare to the national average, and highlight areas where they might need


With just over 11 weeks to go until GCSE Exams, the drop-in clinic will be a place where students can get as and when they want. 2KickStartU’s GCSE drop-in clinic is now open to students getting ready to take their GCSE exams – which means any

No-sew costumes for World Book Day

I used to love dressing up as a kid. Any excuse was good enough for me, and whilst in my eyes it was so much fun as I adored having the chance to don a costume, I never saw it through my parent’s eyes in

GCSE tuition – the price of tuition vs. the price of failure

Many parents feel at a loss when their children enter their examination years, known in schools as Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Confused by the complicated systems of choosing subjects and courses (GCSEs, vocational GCSEs, GNVQs, BTECs, VRQs – just some of the

Taking the 11+ exam in Surrey

Is your child due to take the 11+ exam at the beginning of Year 6? Find out more about grammar school selection exams, how they differ across the country and the literacy and numeracy topics children are tested on. What is the 11+? Also referred

SATs are around the corner – knowing what is in the test can help you

With only weeks to go for SATs you might be wondering what you can start doing to help your child prepare. This can be a tense time and your child may feel nervous or lack of confidence, but as a parent there is plenty you

Examinations are upon us, and, along with them, the pressure for students to do well.

With the examination season in full swing, more young people are finding it hard to cope with the pressure. “Cracking up”, is much more common than many parents realise and, once it has happened, is difficult to treat. For parents, there is a difficult line

10 ideas to help your child during their English exam

With exam season upon us we thought 2KickStartU’s top tips to help your child during their Engilsh exam would come in handy. Begin by checking very carefully the instructions of the exam paper. Highlight or underline the key instructions. Note down (and check) any timings plan you have prepared,

10 ways to kick exam stress

With only days to go until students all over the UK sit their exams, the levels of worry in your household may be getting the better of your home environment in the form of exam stress. As an unavoidable part of student life that can