Get a FREE, detailed assessment report for your child
2KickStartU identify how your child learns best and pinpoint knowledge gaps to address specific needs.
Every child deserves a champion!
2KickStartU believes every child can learn, provided they are given the right input
We treat every child as an individual
2KickStartU provide tailored tuition because once size does not fit all!
2KickStartU making learning enjoyable and practicable
We know that when enjoyment stops, so does the learning, so we make sure pupils enjoy learning
We get measurable results!
2KickStartU building rapport to improve motivation and confidence
Parents, don’t operate in the dark, know your child’s level!
2KickStartU provides free assessment and detailed report to help you understand your child’s academic level.

Our Services

We provide tuition for children in Year 1 up to Year 11 (GCSE)

2KickStartU offers flexibility to meet your needs , You can chose to learn either

Online Tuition

In Centre Tuition

Assessment Details

Financial support

We are passionate about making education affordable and accessible for all.

Through our Ofsted registration, parents can get financial assistance with fees through childcare vouchers or the childcare element of Working Tax Credits – which can pay up to 85% of the cost of tuition!
More information on this benefits and how to claim, please contact us directly.


We know one size does not fit all and tailor our lessons accordingly. student often fall behind because

The pace of learning does not suit them Knowledge is not presented in a manner and format that meets their needs (pupils process information differently) Learning is pitched too high and does not address knowledge gaps; at 2KickStartU we ensure underpinning knowledge is understood before introducing a topic.

2KickStartU believes every child can learn, and every child should have the opportunity to flourish! Our experience has shown us that it is often not a question of ability but rather a matter of teaching in a way that works for the individual.
When children fall behind academically, something dreadful happens; they feel inadequate and they are often labelled inadequate. At 2KickStartU we delight in working with students that are not achieving their full potential. We enjoy building rapport with students as we guide them from their starting point to reaching the national ‘expected level’ and beyond!
We work hard with every student to ensure we understand and meet their needs, because nothing compares to the feeling you get as a tutor, when you igniting a student’s passion for learning, see their self confidence grow and they start to believe in themselves!


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Thank you, Miss Barbara, for your tuition. My children have made great development in Maths and English since starting tuition with you.
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Thank you for tutoring my son through his GCSEs and then helping him pass his UCAT test first time!
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Just to say thank you again to Barbara, Ambreen and the whole team for helping my daughter to achieve excellent results in her 2020 GCSEs. She got 8s in English Language and English Literature, 9 in math and 9s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Thanks again!
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Finally, I have found a tutoring service that actually speaks to my son in a way he can understand. I love the way they make learning fun and interactive! My son now looks forward to his session and has been moved up in school. Thank you 2KickStartU
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My son is on the autistic spectrum and struggles with English, but since he’s been coming to 2KickStartU (since 2015) he’s improved a great deal and is able to answer comprehension questions which he used to struggle with before. The teacher here are very patience and caring!