With exam season upon us we thought 2KickStartU’s top tips to help your child during their Engilsh exam would come in handy.

  1. Begin by checking very carefully the instructions of the exam paper. Highlight or underline the key instructions.
  2. Note down (and check) any timings plan you have prepared, so you have it to refer to, and to stop you spending too much or too little time on one question.
  3. Where there is a choice of tasks or essays, check out the potential of all of the options before making your decision.
  4. For an essay-based paper, it can be helpful to begin with the title for which you have the most to write. This can boost your confidence, and get you into the swing of planning and writing exam essays.
  5. Do not be rushed into starting to write your first essay. Remember to take adequate time to prepare a strong essay plan first.
  6. Even if you have already written a similar essay before, try to bring fresh energy on this occasion.
  7. Don’t waste energy judging a question. You may think it’s irrelevant, or boring, or badly phrased, but put those feelings to one side. Re-read the question to check if there was anything you missed.
  8. Respect the question. Take time to ‘listen’ to the question before thinking of the answer, rather than assuming that you know what the question will be. It may be slightly different from what you expect.
  9. Read all parts of a question before beginning to answer. In that way you can see how the examiner has divided the knowledge between the different parts of the question, so you can be sure to focus on the specific response needed for each part.
  10. If there is a question you cannot answer, leave it and continue with the rest of the paper. Come back later to make your best effort with the question(s) you left out.

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