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The benefits of registering with us

  • Your child is seen and treated as an individual!
    A big advantage of our tuition is that lessons are customised to suit your child’s needs.  In school your child may be disadvantaged if they work at a different pace or need more personal attention.
  • We will not spend time teaching your child what they already know.
    Your child will follow an individualised learning programme that focuses on addressing their specific areas of weakness
  • Our tutors will develop a positive working relationship with your child
    Children respond more favourably to learning if they have a positive relationship with the person teaching them, this is particularly important for students that are shy or lacking in confidence.  At 2KickStartU we make it our business to foster confidence and trust.
  • Our flexibility, informal but professional approach takes boring, daunting and mundane out of learning as we make sure your child is actively involved in the learning process.

Our Awards

Our registered status enabling parents to benefits from government initiatives and reduce tuition costs by up to 85%

If you child has fallen behind during this lockdown, please speak to us about our Bounce Back Programme

Help Line

020 8685 0673

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We sincerely believe education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change yourself and the World! adapted from Nelson Mandela’s quote.

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We are passionate about making education affordable and accessible for all.


Parents can get financial assistance with fees throug hchildcare vouchers or the child care element of Working Tax Credits – which can pay up to 85% of the cost of tuition!


More information on this benefits and how to claim, please contact us directly.

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