10 ideas to help your child during their English exam

With exam season upon us we thought 2KickStartU's top tips to help your child during their Engilsh exam would come in handy. 

  1. Begin by checking very carefully the instructions of the exam paper. Highlight or underline the key instructions.
  2. Note down (and check) any timings plan you have prepared, so you have it to refer to, and to stop you spending too much or too little time on one question.
  3. Where there is a choice of tasks or essays, check out the potential of all of the options before making your decision.

SATs are around the corner - knowing what is in the test can help you help your child with everyday activities

Mother and daughter smiling into the camera. Message that says : SATs are around the corner - knowing what is in the test can help you help your child with everyday activities

With only weeks to go for SATs you might be wondering what you can start doing to help your child prepare. This can be a tense time and your child may feel nervous or lack of confidence, but as a parent there is plenty you can do to support them. The important thing is to know what is included in the test and expected from your child. Once you know helping them can be as simple as using situations in everyday life.

No-sew costumes for World Book Day

No-sew costumes for World Book Day from 2KickStartU. Happy child smiling with a DIY cardboard cut-out space helmet

I used to love dressing up as a kid. Any excuse was good enough for me, and whilst in my eyes it was so much fun as I adored having the chance to don a costume, I never saw it through my parent’s eyes in their already busy schedule. With World Book Day upon us this week, we need to remember that we are helping our children to enjoy this fun day whilst they get the opportunity to take a more detailed look at their favourite book characters. To help you here are some costume ideas where you won’t even have to get your sewing kit out.




How to have a meaningful parent teacher meeting

As half term holiday approaches, most parents will be researching exciting activities to do during the week. But before we get ahead of ourselves, there is one important event which will occur this week – the parent teacher meeting.

As a parent myself, I have experienced quite a few of these to date, where some have been more successful than others, and I’ve realised that preparation is the key. After reflecting on my previous experiences, here are a few tips I’ve formulated that might help you at your parent-teacher meeting.