10 ways to kick exam stress


With only days to go until students all over the UK sit their exams, the levels of worry in your household may be getting the better of your home environment in the form of exam stress. As an unavoidable part of student life that can be challenging to handle, it is worth remembering that stress exists as an alarm system, bringing your attention to certain matters that need addressed in your son or daughter’s life.

10 ideas to help your child during their English exam

With exam season upon us we thought 2KickStartU's top tips to help your child during their Engilsh exam would come in handy. 

  1. Begin by checking very carefully the instructions of the exam paper. Highlight or underline the key instructions.
  2. Note down (and check) any timings plan you have prepared, so you have it to refer to, and to stop you spending too much or too little time on one question.
  3. Where there is a choice of tasks or essays, check out the potential of all of the options before making your decision.


With just over 11 weeks to go until GCSE Exams, the drop-in clinic will be a place where students can get as and when they want.

2KickStartU’s GCSE drop-in clinic is now open to students getting ready to take their GCSE exams - which means any student struggling with a particular point of the syllabus can get help without committing to full-time tuition.