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At 2KickStartU we believe education and consistent progress is the key to a bright future.  

If you have landed on this page, it's clear that you are a parent who has an unyielding passion to provide your child with whatever it takes to ensure that they can be all that they can be. Whilst we have the ultimate goal in our minds to instil a hunger in our children to do well in school, our modern day lifestyles combined with the ever changing curriculums can make us parents feel at a bit of a loss in finding the time or knowing exactly how to help our children with their education. Regardless of the problems we face or that the education sector presents, we know that a great education can lead to better grades, better habits and better paid jobs in the future.   

At 2KickStartU we value education and place a focus on making learning enjoyable which is why we place high priority to build rappor and thoroughly understand your child. From Year 1 up to and including GCSE, our tutors identify how your child learns best and pin point the gaps in their knowledge so that their tuition is specific to your child's needs. Be it English, maths or science, matters of motivation or confidence, or last-minute revision and help for tests or exams, with our tuition style and guidance you will enjoy watching your child break through limitations and barriers, regain self-belief in their ability to learn and show measurable results.

Why 2KickStartU? Because we believe every child can learn, and every child should have the opportunity to flourish – for it’s hardly a question of ability, and mostly a matter of teaching in a way that works for the individual.


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Many parents feel at a loss when their children enter their examination years, known in schools as Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Confused by the complicated systems of choosing subjects and courses (GCSEs, vocational GCSEs, GNVQs, BTECs, VRQs - just some of the options available), coursework, entry tiers, modular exams and practical assessments. If you feel like this, you are not alone! The exam...
No-sew costumes for World Book Day from 2KickStartU. Happy child smiling with a DIY cardboard cut-out space helmet
I used to love dressing up as a kid. Any excuse was good enough for me, and whilst in my eyes it was so much fun as I adored having the chance to don a costume, I never saw it through my parent’s eyes in their already busy schedule. With World Book Day upon us this week, we need to remember that we are helping our children to enjoy this fun day whilst they get the opportunity to take a more...
With just over 11 weeks to go until GCSE Exams, the drop-in clinic will be a place where students can get as and when they want. 2KickStartU’s GCSE drop-in clinic is now open to students getting ready to take their GCSE exams - which means any student struggling with a particular point of the syllabus can get help without committing to full-time tuition. “We wanted to create a way of reaching out...
Mother and daughter smiling with message stating "Best SATs preparation advice for parents"
SATs are a key milestone in your child’s academic career. Your child’s results will show you and the school how much of what they have been taught your child has grasped, how they compare to the national average, and highlight areas where they might need additional support. So you see, they are more than a handy metric for compiling school league tables, as they will also be used to determine...
A little girl doing her key stage 2 tests.
Following the changes to the curriculum, we have put together a short video which aims to give you granular detail regarding the Key Stage 2 tests that pupils in year 6 will take in May this year. It might be a year or two in the future for your child, but there's no harm in knowing and power in knowing the direction to work towards. 


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